We will continue to innovate, lead and make the experience of parking, vehicle and road services more accessible to drivers

using advanced technology, while also providing value-added features and an excellent user experience.

Our values:

Innovation. Although we have already transformed the world of parking to a digital environment, Pango is focused on finding advanced solutions and improving the driving, parking, and road experience.

Reliability. With millions of users and reliable service over many years, Pango has you in mind.

Ease. Our app offers a variety of services and solutions at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere in Israel.

Leadership. The standards we have set for ourselves have changed the way people park in Israel and continue to create new patterns of behavior for drivers and vehicles.

Service oriented. We will always be available to every customer, for any questions or suggestions, in addition to providing self-service solutions to our customers.

Pango vision and value