Organization Policy Service

As part of the organization's policy, you determine the parking conditions and authorizations at the department and/or employee level. The "Organization Policy" service applies to on-street parking and parking lots.

The policy makes possible:

  • Limiting the days and times when parking is at the expense of the organization.
    For example, Sundays - Thursdays from 9:00 to 18:00 only.
  • Restricting parking areas to specific cities or areas.
    It is possible, for example, to define that technicians in the northern district can park at the expense of the organization only in the northern cities, or alternatively, they may not park in certain cities, according to your decision.
  • Maximum parking time after which parking will be automatically terminated.
    For example, defining that after an hour and a half parking is automatically terminated.    
  • Distinguishing between business and private parking:
    Parking that deviates from the policy defined by the organization will automatically refer the driver to his personal Pango account. If an employee does not have a private account, they will be directed to open an account.