On-Street Parking-1.8 million people can’t be wrong

With the On-Street Parking service, you no longer have to buy parking tickets, return to the car to renew parking or pay for time when you didn’t park.
Clicking one button in the app leaves all parking concerns to Pango – no tension, no doubt, and no waste of time or money.
Also, at any given moment, you can open the "My Pango" tab in the app and view the billing details and invoices for the services you used all month.

How does it work?

There are 3 ways to activate and terminate on-street parking:

  • In the app
  • Through your account on the website

  • By dialing *4500

Good to know: Parking Reservations

If you plan to sleep late or if your morning is already too busy, don’t worry – the "Parking Reservations" service has you covered.

If you activate on-street parking during the hours when parking is allowed and free of charge, Pango will recognize that this is the case and suggest that you book an automatic parking payment starting from the hours when there is a charge.