Forgot to terminate parking? Don’t worry! With the End-on-Drive service, Pango will detect that you're driving, automatically terminating parking and saving you money.

How does it work?

Pango detects the speed and distance traveled by the vehicle using your mobile phone’s sensors. Once the parking activated in the app has ended and we've detected that the vehicle is in motion, we'll automatically terminate the payment for parking.

In order for us to detect the movement of your vehicle via Bluetooth (Bluetooth allows faster identification of the vehicle), please update the app to the most recent version.


If you've continued your day with another means of transportation (e.g., train, bicycle), it's important to remember not to activate the End-on-Drive  so that your parking will not end prematurely. What happens in this case is that your mobile phone will be moving rapidly and will signal, inadvertently, to terminate the parking.


The service is part of the Pango Simple and Pango Extra services

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