End-on-Drive – Terms of Service

Have you parked in an on-street space and forgotten to terminate the parking?

The "End-on-Drive" service allows you to be alerted by a notification in the app about activated parking or to automatically terminate the parking after you have moved from the place where the parking was activated, and according to the speed of your vehicle. If the End-on-Drive service has been activated, the system will send a parking termination alert, all subject to the “End-on-Drive” terms of service as detailed below. For your convenience, you can improve detection of your car’s movements by turning on and connecting to a Bluetooth device in your car.

Bluetooth-based End-on-Drive service is activated when you reconnect to the device under the following conditions.

Actions required to activate the service:

  1. The “End-on-Drive” service can be turned on and off in "My Account".
  2. The accuracy of the service depends on activation and on the accuracy of the GPS in the device, so make sure the device is connected to GPS – You must authorize the app to detect your location and verify that the GPS has detected the parking location.
  3. Location services on your device must be turned on. To set up - go to settings, location services, find Pango and make sure the button is on. You must also accept mobile notifications.

Actions required to activate the service through the Bluetooth device in your vehicle:

  1. The subscriber must ensure that "End-on-Drive" is switched on in the "My Account" screen before activating the service.
  2. Enter "My Account" and activate the "Bluetooth Settings" button for "End-on-Drive". The button will open the Bluetooth Settings screen. After identifying the Bluetooth device,

the subscriber must ensure that he has performed the above actions necessary for the activation of the service and before activating the parking. A subscriber who has not performed these actions will not have any claim against Pango if the "End-on-Drive" service did not issue an alert after the vehicle moved.


Important information regarding the “End-on-Drive” service in the app:


  1. The subscriber must act in accordance with the signage instructions and other provisions of the local authority.
  2. The “End-on-Drive” service can only be activated using mobile phones based on iOS (iPhone) and Android operating systems.
  3. Turning off or restarting the "End-on-Drive" service can be done in the app, under the "My Account" tab. The “End-on-Drive” service can be turned on and off on the parking screen (make sure that the “End-on-Drive” service is activated before the parking is activated for the automatic parking service to work).
  4. The "End-on-Drive" service notification will issue one alert when the parking is activated and will appear as a notification on the mobile phone.
  5. The service can be used for only one active parking event at a time and for a specific mobile phone number (with regard to the active app on the same mobile phone). If two parking events are activated from the same app installed on one mobile phone, the service will only be provided to the first parking event that was activated.
  6. The service cannot be used if a local authority is selected in the app that differs from the system's automatic selection. In the case of a "border" zone between local authorities, the service will only operate in each of the authorities offered by the app.
  7. The service is not active in the event of monthly or daily parking activation.
  8. If the subscriber has activated the “End-on-Drive” service despite the aforementioned restrictions, he will not have any claim against Pango if the "End-on-Drive" service did not issue an alert after the vehicle moved or did not terminate the parking automatically.
  9. The "End-on-Drive" service is a location-based service. In order to preserve the life of the mobile phone’s battery, the system samples the vehicle's location and speed once every few minutes. Therefore, it may take several minutes (approx. 10 minutes) until an alert is received regarding the vehicle’s movement without termination of the parking, even if the vehicle has moved away from the parking location. During these minutes the subscriber will be charged for active parking. The subscriber will not have any claim against Pango related to the charge for the minutes between the movement of the vehicle and the alert from the "End-on-Drive" service on active parking or the actual automatic termination of the parking.
  10. Please note that setting up a new Bluetooth device under the existing device in the Pango App will terminate the active parking using the new device. For your information, the Bluetooth device defined in the Pango App is defined for the mobile phone and/or the vehicle from which the definition was first set. If the mobile phone and/or vehicle is replaced, the subscriber must redefine the Bluetooth device. A subscriber who has not acted to redefine a Bluetooth device will have no claim against Pango in this regard.

Cases in which the “End-on-Drive” service may not issue an alert on active parking and/or automatically terminate the parking:

  1. In cases where there is a problem on the part of the cellular service provider, such as problems with the cellular network, the Internet, location detection problems (including cases in which the GPS service is turned off on the device activating the service), satellite reception, device malfunctions, etc.
  2. In cases where the travel speed does not exceed 35 km/h and/or the travel distance does not exceed one kilometer.
  3. In cases where the parking is not activated adjacent to the parking location.
  4. If the mobile phone from which the parking and “End-on-Drive” service is activated, restarts itself (initiated shutdown, version update, battery ran out, etc.) during active parking.
  5. When using a mobile Bluetooth device – any re-connection to the device within a period of up to 55 minutes from the time the parking is activated will not automatically terminate the parking and will not issue an "End-on-Drive" alert, but will continue until the next connection to the mobile phone (after 5 minutes).

To remove any doubt, the "End-on-Drive" service is a driver assistance service dependent on and subject to various and complex conditions. The responsibility for termination of the parking belongs to the subscriber himself and the subscriber will not have any claim against Pango if the "End-on-Drive" service did not issue an alert following the movement of the car or did not automatically terminate the parking, including in the cases listed above.

Cases in which it is possible that the "End-on-Drive" service and/or automatic parking termination may operate without the subscriber's request:

  1. Pango recommends that the “End-on-Drive” service not be activated when the subscriber parks the vehicle for which he wants to activate the service, and continues to travel using alternative vehicles (including public transportation and bicycles), since the system may identify the movement of the alternative vehicle as moving the parked vehicle and automatically terminate the parking. If the subscriber has activated the “End-on-Drive” service and continues travelling in an alternate vehicle, he will not have any claim against Pango if the “End-on-Drive” service terminates the parking of his vehicle automatically.
  2. When using a Bluetooth device – any additional connection between the mobile phone and the device - will activate the “End-on-Drive” service. For example, if the subscriber activated the “End-on-Drive” service through a mobile Bluetooth device, the device may be reconnected when moving near the vehicle in which the device is located or when removing the device from the vehicle and leaving it turned on. In such cases, due to the identification of the device, the “End-on-Drive” service will be activated and there will not be any claim against Pango regarding automatic termination of the parking, and its consequences, if the driver continued to park the vehicle without reactivating the parking.

This service included in the Pango Simple and/or Personal Reminder and/or Pango Extra packages, subject to the terms of service of each package.