Personal Reminder

Prevents unnecessary parking fines and saves money on parking you forgot to terminate.

The service sends you two personal notifications by SMS or by phone call (whichever you choose). The first, about an hour after beginning the parking, to make sure you have not already gone and forgotten to terminate parking.

The second alert will be sent to you 15 minutes before the maximum parking time (if the local authority has this restriction, for example: the maximum parking time in Tel Aviv is 3 hours).

No matter how you look at it, this service saves you money.

The Personal Reminder service is part of the valuable Pango Simple service

The service costs only 7.90 NIS per month per vehicle, and there is no limit to the number of reminders.

To receive SMS reminders, make sure your mobile phone is open to receive SMS messages from content providers. If your mobile phone is blocked for messaging services by the mobile operator, the reminder will be sent in a phone call, rather than by SMS.

The service will be automatically added to any vehicle added to the subscription and will be charged to the account on the website, the Pango App or the customer service center.