Where Am I?

For the first time ever, and exclusively for Pango customers: a map of the parking area where you are located – within the city and on the border between neighboring cities, areas and streets, so that you will never activate parking in the wrong area.

Parking correctly wherever you are

Where does Tel Aviv end and Givatayim begin? When it comes to parking, an incorrect answer can result in an unnecessary and annoying fine. This is because many times the boundary between neighboring cities is one road or street that belongs to either of the adjacent cities. As if this isn’t enough, even within the city there are different parking areas, for example, parking throughout the city or in the industrial zone.


Where am I?” service is exactly for these situations: When your vehicle is parked on the border between cities or between areas of the city, a screen with a map of the area where your car is parked will appear in the app. Using the legend, you will know which area to choose.