Pango Simple

Pango Simple is a simple service (we did say “simple”) that eases day-to-day dealing with parking matters and saves precious time and money

A simple service that eases day-to-day dealing with parking matters and saves precious time and money.

What does it include?


 The service costs 7.90 NIS per month per car

Automatic Termination

Did you get into your car and drive away? We will detect that the car is moving and will automatically terminate the parking for you, saving you money and the feeling of "oh, how did I forget."

Personal Reminder

Reminders to extend and terminate parking

Pango Simple sends you 2 alerts aimed at avoiding fines and saving you time and money:

  • The first alert, about an hour after parking, to make sure you have not forgotten to terminate parking.
  • The second alert will be sent to you 15 minutes before the maximum parking time (if the local authority has this restriction, for example: the maximum parking time in Tel Aviv is 3 hours).

Smooooth Parking

Exit the parking lot quickly – without stopping at the payment machine

Spending time searching for the payment machines? Getting stuck because you left your wallet at home? For our customers, these are things of the past.

“Smooooth Parking” is a solution for exiting the parking lot without delays.

Where’s my car?

Navigate to your car

How many times has it happened that you went to a meeting in an unfamiliar city or had your head-spinning at Kikar Hamedina and didn't remember where you parked?

Where's My Car? With this service, it will always be easy to find your car.

The service is available in the app for on-street parking only.


The cost of "Pango Simple" service is 7.90 NIS per month, per vehicle. For the “Parking Reminder” service only (without joining “Pango Simple”),
To receive SMS reminders, make sure your mobile is open to receive SMS messages from content providers. If your mobile is blocked for message services by your carrier, the reminder will be sent by phone call rather than in an SMS. A “Pango Simple” service subscription is valid for one vehicle only, in other words, additional vehicle = additional subscription.

The service can be cancelled by calling Customer Service *4500