Parking Hunter

When was the last time you drove to a meeting and knew exactly where the closest and most affordable parking lot was? How about the last time you had an evening out in Tel Aviv and found cheap parking near the bar or restaurant right away?
With Pango’s Parking Hunter, this can be you every day.

How does Parking Hunter help you find parking?

When you start your ride, go into Parking Hunter and enter your destination.
Parking Hunter will then come up with a list of parking lots that are close to your destination and show their current, up-to-date prices.
You can also search for parking around your current location once you arrive. Park smart with Parking Hunter!




What do you get with Parking Hunter?

Parking Hunter takes care of everything you need when it comes to parking:
finding a parking lot, price and distance comparison, navigation and payment—all in one place!

  • Get a complete up-to-date picture of the parking lots near your destination or around .your current location
  • Find information about parking lots, prices, driving time, and walking time to your destination.
  • Save time and money on your search for parking.
  • Navigate to the closest parking lot using Waze.

  • Pay for your selected parking option.