Parking Locator

When was the last time you drove to a meeting and knew exactly where an available parking space would be waiting for you? When did you go out in Tel Aviv and immediately find a parking space near the place you are meeting your friends. ?
With the “Parking Locator”, this can happen every day.

How does the locator help you find a parking space?

With the help of "Parking Crowdsourcing", at any given moment, hundreds of thousands of Pango users leave parking spaces all over the country. We offer these same parking spaces to members of the community.

After you enter your destination address at the beginning of the trip, the “Parking Locator” will display the various parking lots close to your destination. Close to the destination, the “Locator” will scan the area to find on-street parking or free parking (if any) and take you to an available parking space using Waze.





What do you get with the “Parking Locator” service?

  • An up-to-date snapshot of all available parking spaces near your destination, in parking lots and on-street parking.
  • Information about parking lots, prices, availability data, travel time and walking time from the parking lot to your destination.
  • Save time and money on parking searches.
  • Navigate to the parking space closest to your desired destination using Waze.


The service is provided free to Pango customers
Currently for Android phones and soon for iPhone.