Roadside Assistance

Getting stuck on the road in a car is annoying at best and can be dangerous at worst, and in any case – it is good to have someone you can trust to come and rescue you. Pango's Roadside Assistance services in cooperation with "Shagrir" assure you peace of mind when you’re on the road. When necessary, someone will be there for you, and at an attractive price.

The Roadside Assistance Service includes

  • Starting the vehicle if the battery is empty – In the case of an empty battery, a service vehicle will arrive at the place where you got stuck and start the vehicle.
  • A taxi to your destination in the event of a car accident – In the event of an accident in which the vehicle cannot continue traveling, a taxi will pick you up and take you to any destination within a 50 km radius of the site of the accident or malfunction.
  • Changing a tire in the case of a flat tire – In the case of a flat tire, a service vehicle will come and replace the flat tire with the spare tire in the car.
  •   Did you get stuck in the middle of nowhere without gas? We will come to you and get your tank filled

To use the “Roadside Assistance” service, call the Pango service center, in cooperation with "Shagrir": 072-244-4507

service pay 7.90 NIS per month per car

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A Benefit with energy

40% discount on replacement of a battery in a vehicle according to the "Shagrir" Road Pricelist