Toll Roads

Exclusive with Pango! The “Toll Road” service lets you bypass the traffic jams on the way to Tel Aviv and arrive quickly via the fast lane. The service saves you the process of signing up on the "Fast Lane" website or the cash payment at the payment station. In addition, it lets you accept the charge straight to the Pango account in a concentrated, convenient and immediate way.

Joining the service is free. The cost of the trip is according to the Fast Lane rate.

How to Join?

  1. Open the Pango App
  2. Click on the “Toll Roads” button
  3. Approve and join
Download the app:

You can also sign up with Customer Service at *4500

The "Fast Lane" service is subject to the Terms of Service. The service is provided to customers who are not registered as subscribers of the Fast Lane. Clicking on the button to join confirms that the Pango terms of service and the agreement to join the Fast Lane and its appendices (with the necessary changes) will apply to you. Joining is free and without obligation. Discounts and/or exemptions cannot be used for eligible persons through this service. The service is only intended for businesses with up to 10 vehicles, which pay by credit card.

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