Toll Roads

Toll Roads

Save time, avoid traffic and travel smoothly with our Toll Road Service.
Just one click to sign up with Pango free of charge, and it’s quick to get where you need.

The service is available for:

  • New! Route 6’s northern section (You must sign up again, even if you are already a Route 6 subscriber)
  • Tel Aviv Fast Lane

How does it work?

  • Sign up with a click – Free of charge, no commitments
  • Drive on Highway 6’s northern section or the Fast Lane
  • Get your bill by email
  • Keep track of your trips and charges easily in the Pango app

Subscribing to Route 6’s New Northern Section

The easy way to go to work, get back home, or head out on a weekend trip

  • Covers 22 kilometers
  • First segment from Yokneam to Tel Kashish
  • Second segment from the HaAmakim Interchange to Somekh Interchange
  • (This segment is a fast alternative to to Yagur Interchange for drivers traveling from the northeast to the center and vice versa)
  • Sign up for free and pay less than you would as a subscriber – up to NIS 6 per ride for passenger vehicles

    (Rates correspond to rates shown on the Route 6 website)

Subscribing to the Fast Lane

The quick way to get to Tel Aviv

  • Covers 13 kilometers and runs parallel to Route 1 from Ben-Gurion Interchange to the beginning of the Ayalon Highway
  • Rates are based on the number of vehicles on the road and the speed at that given moment


Sign up for free. The price of rides is determined according to standard toll road rates.

By signing up for Pango’s Toll Road Service, you accept Fast Lane’s terms of service and Route 6’s terms of service. The terms of service apply in their entirety to subscribers to this service.

Pango reserves the right to add additional toll roads and/or segments to its Toll Road Service. If Pango does so, it will notify subscribers about the addition of such toll roads and/or segments and all the set terms of service will apply to them, as well as any changes that may arise periodically.

This service is available for accounts with up to 10 cars and payment by credit card only. Sign up is free for all toll roads included in the service, but is contingent upon approval from the franchiser of the road in question. The price of rides is determined according to the toll road’s rates. The rates are displayed on Pango’s website solely for informative purposes and Pango is not responsible for them.