Waiting two hours for inspection, wasting a workday at the auto repair shop or looking for a tire shop somewhere on the road - there are better ways for you to spend your time.
That’s why Pango Door-to-Door exists - to bring you convenience, professionalism and transparency, all as part of one special package.

Pango Door-to-Door includes

  • Pickup of your car for service at trusted repair shops and return to you
  • Pickup of your car for inspection and return to you 
  •  Flat tire repair at no extra cost to you at Checkup tire shops



  • Personalized, professional service that’s convenient and trustworthy
  • Exclusive use of approved repair shops
  • Repairs and spare parts per importer’s recommendations
  • Ability to track status in the Pango app
  • Special price for repairs – up to 40% off
  • Pango-provided expert support throughout the course of the service and thereafter if there are any questions about a proposal or any other topic, plus access to a Pango expert who will explain the service and check the proposal you received

How does it work?

Car pickup for service/inspection
  • Contact the customer service center
  • Schedule a pickup for service/inspection for the time and pickup location convenient for you
  • On the day of the pickup, the assigned driver will come to pick up your car and take it to the repair shop/licensing center
  • At the end of the service/inspection, a representative from the repair shop will call you to finalize payment
  • The driver will return your car to you that day
Schedule a pickup through the Pango app:
 Side menu > Pango Door-to-Door >     
  • Dialer to schedule inspection
  • Dialer to schedule service
Flat tire repair
  • Go to one of the repair shops listed on the Pango app or website
  • Provide the license plate number of the car signed up for the service
  • The flat tire will be repaired free of charge 


Special deal:

NIS 288 per year per car (NIS 24 per month)

 Instead NIS 348


  • You may use the pickup service for any of the cars listed on your account
  • Any additional repairs beyond standard service will take place only after you have received a proposal and approved it


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